How to get over a hamsters death?

My hamster, Dusty, was very illl these past few days, I was going to take her to the vet today but I found her dead in her cage. I'm so upset, she was only 1 year and 10

Months I think she had closed pyometra and an eye infection. I can't stop crying. I loved her to bits and I know she's only a hamster but it doesn't matter, she was still my pet and I loved her. How can I get over her? I can't be crying all week. I've also read the rainbow bridge poem but is there any other nice poems like that? Thanks.


Also don't tell me to get a new one, I have 2 others to care about. I'm also not aloud another one.

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    I totally understand you. I dont have much to say about how to get over it, but I can make you feel better by sayin that i have exact same story. My beloved hamster passed away yesterday, after a short period of illness. Before he died he was allready so weak and frail, he was laying in my hands looking at me with no reaction, oh my gosh he looked sooo sad. He was slipping away. I was planning to take him to a vet the next day and when I checked 2 hours later, he was allready gone. He was only 2 years old siberian dwarf. I loved him so much! Im blaming myself for not checking up earlier on him, for not noticing the signs of illness earlier, for giving him a treat which could have possibly lead to his wet tail illness and death. There is just so much going through my head. I've been crying 2 days now, and I keep thinking, he is laying in the cold earth now, I wish I could change something from the past, I wish I could keep him warm now and pamper him, relieve his pain. I cant believe that he is gone, and the cage where he used to live is no longer there. He is gone forever. SO as you can see I can relate. Honestly, just give yourself time to grieve. I dont think it is abnormal to feel guilt, blame, desire to change things. But this is life, everything on this earth is temporary, and you have given your hamster a long, great life, full of care from your side and careless joy from his. He would never have lived such long, carefree life in the nature. Just remember all you have done, and that in the end its your love that matters. That is what I keep telling myself these past few days, yet it is still hard. I think with time we are gonna feel lesser pain. Just allow yourself to remember and to feel sad. Eventually, you will feel better. Hope for both of us:)

    Source(s): my beloved hamster Malish's death. I miss you so much and I love you! You brought us so much joy. Everytime I look at your pic I get tears in my eyes. Rest in peace hammy :'(
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    9 years ago

    I am really sorry about Dusty :( I would be so sad if Caramel, my hamster, died - were so very close :) I understand what you mean, but I know this may sound hard to do but I guess you might have to not think that much about her, if you can't think of all those good times you got her, like when you first brought her home :) I know that would make me happy, and cry maybe a little. :) I hope eveything goes well, I am very sorry about Dusty :(

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    Monday I took my hamster, Dorry, to the vet. All she did was sleep and not eat or drink. They gave her fluid because she was dehydrated and antibiotics. Then Tuesday I noticed redness in her eyes. I thought it was nothing. Then I seen her right eye was bulging out and blood around it. I cried and cried. I took her to the vet again today, Wednesday, she was blind in the eye. There was a tumor behind it pushing it out. I cried and blamed myself over and over. We (my boyfriend and I) had to put her down. We asked for some alone time. We cried, held her some more and said we loved her so much. They put her down and came back with her in a box so we could bury her at home. I opened the box to hold her one more time and she still looked pretty. I cried and screamed. After my boyfriend dug the hole I went to put her in, I couldn't let go. Finally I did. I've been crying all day. I love her so much! I always will. She was my pretty girl.

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    4 years ago

    relies upon on your form of hamster.. categories have a distinctive important source of dying. maximum hamsters dont stay long. I had a dwarf, that are estimated to stay no greater desirable than 2 a million/2 years.. He lived till at last approximately 2. started getting small seizures, and sooner or later merely got here across him below his little fort. Its merely nature, they age alot quicker than us, even nonetheless they seem the comparable. Sorry approximately your loss!

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    9 years ago

    Oooohhh, I feel your pain. :o( I remember when my hamster died last year too. I miss him a lot, but I did something that helped me get threw the pain and I'll tell you all the steps that I did.

    First, I sold my body, and soul to god. I figured that all living things go to him after they die. And I know that my furry little friend is up there doing hamster things and running around with all the other hamster friends having huge hamster parties, with all you can eat sunflowers, chewy sticks, and other hamster goodies. I prayed to him, night and day. Praying that my hamster buddy was safe, and in good hands.

    After committing myself to my savior, I starved myself for about a day or two. Since this is your first time, I'd say you should do it for a day for a half. I don't want anything bad happening to you, now do we? Or do we? Anyways after the day is over, go to bed early! Because you have to wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning for the ritual~! Ok, I know what I'm about to type may seem gross, or horrible but trust me! It'll help you heal way faster, and I'll tell you why afterwards! Ok, so you have to find it's grave again, and dig it back up. Get your poor little furry friend out of that dirty hole! He deserves better than that, and I am about to tell you where he should go! In your belly!!!!! That's right~ You are now going to cook, and EAT your hamster! They way you cook it is however you want to cook him, just be careful of the bones dear! After you eat him you are done~ Now, I know what you're thinking~ "EAT MY HAMSTER?!?!? WHAT GROOOOSSSSSSSSS!!!" But if you think that when you eat him, you are absorbing him into your blood stream. So he'll be inside you, a part of you, and he'll always be with you in. I know after I ate my dead hamster, I felt a little fuzzy inside, but I felt waaaayyyy better an hour later. Because I knew his body was inside of me, and his soul was with the lord, who is also in my heart. So it was almost like he was alive again! I hope this helps, and don't feel sad for too long. Just follow my steps, and you'll feel better in no time~! May the lord be with you!

    Source(s): Jesus, himself! :o)
  • 9 years ago

    First of all I'm sorry. I know you've heard it like 1 thousand times but I mean. It........ I just heard of 3 pet losses now in the past week of my dearest friends and family. I think to just keep your self busy. Like shopping, playing sports. Party's, hanging with friend family, drawing, reading, writing. Watch scary movies so your more worried about ghosts getting into your house then your recently lost. But keep him nearest and dearest to your heart. Also look up hamster poetry on poem sites. Hope his help. Sorry to hear about your latest loss):

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    i know how you feel, ive had six hamsters total in my lifetime and each of them died. Sadness a normal stage in the grieving process but so is acceptance. At least you have two other hamsters to care for, that will keep you busy, im sorry hun but we all must come to grips with the process of life and death :-(

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