why are there double-standards between athletes and singers?

This question will undoubtedly garner a crap

load of criticism. I'm not trying to upset people. I'm simply trying

to make sense out of the senseless,that's all. I have noticed that

there appears to be an obvious double-standard when it comes to

how we treat our professional athletes as opposed to how we treat

professional musical artists. We all know the performance enhanc-

ements,such as certain types of supplements,as well as steroids are

forbidden from professional athletic occupations. The NBA,NFL,MLB,

NHL,and the Olympics all have banned steroid use.And for good reason;

Steroids are illegal in these sports because it gives

the athlete too much of an unfair advantage,over his/her opponent. In

other words,it's cheating. I for one agree with the decision to make it

illegal for these athletes to use steroids to gain their deceptive edge;especially

when you consider how much these "professionals" are being paid. These

people are millionaires because of endorsements attributed to their inate

abilities to perform monumentally astounding physical activities. Activities

that the vast majority {0.01%} of us could never hope to achieve. And this is why

so many of these people are idolized.

Singers,however, are no more innocent than those who abuse

steroids.When Barry Bonds had that whole snafu involving his implicity of using perf-

ormance enhancements to alter his ability to smack the ball out of the stadium every-

time,there was a freakin' "congressional-hearing"! Are you kidding me? What about these

"teeny-bopper" singers who have zero(inate) talent? Most of them are lip-synching,and

having professional editing artists alter the sound of their "true" voice,in an effort to turn

up a profit.So how is using steroids to perform better,any different from having your real

voice changed to make a profit? We all know JB,Selena G.,and those other Mickey Mouse

Singers are essentially cheating. They're scamming millions of people.In any other context,

this would be construed as fraud!But when was the last time you saw your favorite singer

appearing before congress? I hope you all understand where I'm coming from on this issue.

I'm not taking pot-shots at Bieber,or anyone else in general. It just seems a bit unfair.Especially

when one thinks about how much money JB is worth;it's mind-boggling....{$85+million


ED,pardon my french,but-WTF are you talking about? i'm not jealous of these people.i respect talented people...omg,go away dumb ***...apparently you're either too dense or too stupid to understand my question. and for that i feel bad for you.so please do the world a favor and cancel your subscription to yahoo answers.it's an open forum yes,but is is it really necessary for you to insult people asking questions? i insulted you out of a defensive mechanism.in lamens terms,YOU started it!geez,if you haven't got anything good to say,shut up!

Update 2:

you know something? forget it, the only people who answer questions on this site are fvcking *****...screw you ALL!

Update 3:

Steven, you seem to be the ONLY individual who not only read,understood, and answered my question.but did so in a straight forward and non-offensive way.you will get your 10 points. i am sorry for going off like that but,it bothers me,that if someone asks a question that another finds foolish,they feel obliged to be as tactless as possible as to embarrass that person. and for what point? questions are asked to get an answer. clearly if someone asks a question,it's because they are inquisitive. and what's wrong with learning new things?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The main difference is that athletes are competing directly with other athletes, in a very organized & regulated competition, with certain rules. Singing is an art, not a sport, the only real "competition" is via commerce, who sells more product, tickets, is more popular. There are not really rules concerning one's decision to "cheat" when singing, only those relating to songwriter/publishing ownership & payment of licensing & royalties, if not written by the singer.

    Now, if you had singers engaged in a challenge, seeing who could hit the highest note or whatever, then maybe certain rules would apply.

    As for performance-enhancing drugs or herbs, etc. I personally feel the only restrictions should be on substances that are also illegal for the public. Otherwise, the selection of "taboo" products seems pretty arbitrary. And if something's legal, then why not allow anyone to use whatever they choose?

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Do not be embarrassed, its not you, its them. I think it is a good question and you deserve good answers, not off the cuff remarks. Pop culture is dictated by the masses and they promote what will bring in the money. I personally do not like Rap, and I am an older white man stuck in the seventies with Aerosmith, Lynyrd, The Stones, Aretha, Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, Van Morrison, Jimi, The Beatles, and that talented group of musicians. How can you mention Justin Bieber with the late, great Ray Charles? What passes as music now lacks substance. Baseball is a sport born in and made first in the U.S.A. You have to have integrity to play America's national past time. Cheating is frowned upon. God bless Babe Ruth and Satchel Paige!

  • 9 years ago

    Instruments enhance performance.

    Having sheet music enhances performance.

    Having a conductor enhances performance.

    Any form of editing of a recording enhances performance.

    Singing in a cathedral to get better acoustics enhances performance.

    The POINT is to enhance the performance.

    You obviously agree with Beiber's owners, sorry, "managers" that how much money someone makes is a measure of how good they are. If you didn't agree with it then you wouldn't have any issue with how much he is paid. The music would matter, not the money.

    The only difference between you and them is that you would prefer a different musician to be sitting on the mountain of gold.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Singers don't directly benefit from taxpayer funded projects such as building a new stadium for sports teams. There's your answer. Too bad you wrote so much.

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  • Ed Fox
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    9 years ago

    Any genuine music industry professional would agree that you are talking total crap. Perhaps you are insanely jealous of those who have achieved success

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