This girl is staring at me..Help me out.. :(?

This girl started staring at me in my workplace.. and then I started looking at her(not staring) when she's staring at me. This happened a hundred times. Now I can't stop thinking of her... I think of smiling at her.. but her expressions look like she won't smile back. She puts this blank face and I pull myself back without giving a smile.

I just wanna try n smile at her and see if she smiles back too.. If she doesn't.. What does it mean?? then why should she stare at me OR secretly watch me when I'm not watching?

What is her opinion about me?? guys.. She's giving me sleepless nights already :( help me out..

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Hi well why not mouth or say hi with a big smile if she doesn't react then just wink and smile again coz then she will stop staring OR are u being a tad paranoid coz she may think ur doing same lol ♥

  • 9 years ago

    Give her the middle finger next time you see her looking at you.

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