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Should I go to my homecoming dance?

I want to go because my friends are going to be there but I don't know. Firstly I have nothing to wear and the mall that is close to where I live doesn't have that many stores. Secondly, I don't want to dance with those boys they aren't attractive and thinking about makes me say eew! Thirdly, I don't if I should dress up, dress casual or wear something I already have. If I wear something I already have I will save money but not look nice at homecoming since everyone saw me in it already. What do you think I should do ?

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    Do what your heart tells you. You should go to the homecoming dance because you may never have one again. Ask your friends what they're wearing. If everyone else is dressing up and you don't want to wear an outfit you've already worn, ask a friend if you could borrow one of their dresses. I hope I helped. Have fun at the homecoming dance! Mine is coming up too and it's my senior year so i'll probably be going too.

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    If it's better than staying at home doing nothing...

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