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why is he ignoring me?

I saw this guy at my sister work place many times and he was always looking over time I was visiting her and he came over kept looking at me as if he was trying to talk but i was too shy that i look the other way and pretend i didn't see him...however, i can tell after when he left that he was upset!

After that he will always ignore me when he see me...even if i look his side he will ignore me...he will come over to the office but make sure I see that he is ignoring me :-(

Is he playing a game, or not interested ? How can I get him to talk to me? :-(

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    he's upset that you ignored him, so now he's ignoring you. he clearly likes you, because if he didn't, he wouldn't be reacting this way. he won't keep this up forever, if he likes you enough, he'll try to talk to you. I know this coz I was too shy and I kind of ignored my crush, and he started ignoring me completely, but then later on, he came near me again and tried to talk to me. so yeah, if he likes you enough, he won't be able to stay annoyed at you.

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    Probably playing hard to get....or maybe assumed/saw that you weren't interested and felt rejected so he tries to not look at you anymore and possibly wants a reaction out of you

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    u time run out guy give only some time to try then change interest if is no respond

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    sounds like hes playing games ..

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