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What sports should I participate in during high school to prepare me to be a U.S. Marine (Read Details)?

With that said, which sports from this list should I participate in during high school to prepare me to be a U.S. Marine athletically? I know that there is much more to being a U.S. Marine, such as strong mental toughness, but I'm only asking about the athletic standpoint.

These sports are the only ones offered at my school.


Fall Sports Season

- Cross Country

- Soccer

Winter Sports Season

- Swimming

- Basketball

- Wrestling

Spring Sports Season

- Lacrosse

- Tennis

- Baseball

- Golf


Please explain why you would choose this combination.

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    Alrighty Wanna-Be Devil Pup,

    Fall - Cross Country (You need to have great endurance in B.C.. Plus you will do this in B.C..).

    Winter - Swimming ( " ").

    Spring - Tennis (It will keep you active).

    As a WM, my other suggestions: enroll in JrROTC in high school. Come to school an hour beforehand to PT with them, stay an hour after. Do EVERYTHING and go everywhere with them.

    Change your diet. Cut out ALL white foods (potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, etc.) and ALL junk foods. Never drink another soda or anything carbonated. Drink lots of water, like have a bottle and be sipping ALL the time. Exercise every other day. And run every day. Eat a healthy carb before every daily run, like an orange, apple or banana (for quick use energy). Drink a protein shake after wards (milk with two scoops of protein). Have two other protein shakes throughout the day for snacks, but with only one scoop of protein. This type of lifestyle (which is how I live) will make you lean, muscular, and assist you in developing pride in your physical being.

    Get 15 college credit hours (5 classes) before you go in. This will give you rank. It is do-able while you are still in high school. Talk to your School Counselor, he will help you make this happen, even if you have to take online courses.

    At the end of your Junior year, talk to a Recruiter and take the ASVAB. Then get into the Delayed Entry Program. This will also help prepare you.

    You will want to try to ace the ASVAB. Your score on this will determine what type of MOS (job) you will qualify for in the military. You need to think long term on this decision of picking an MOS. You need something that is marketable long term, like when you are finished with the military, 4 to 30 years later. Be willing to wait until your military school has an open slot. Good luck

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    I would choose Cross Country, Wrestling and Lacrosse

    Cross Country- Obvious choice. If you ever wanted to do Force Recon you need endurance and speed(I've been doing cross country for 4 years now and I can do a 5k in under 21 minutes)

    Wrestling- Agility, Speed, Martial Arts, Hand to Hand combat. Most obvious choice there. Swimming is pretty easy to pick up, you won't need to rely on swimming your lungs out in the Marines(please tell me if I'm wrong) I did Wrestling freshman year as 130 and going out for Varsity this year.

    Lacrosse- The more running the better. Plus lacrosse players are pretty fit(a lot of baseball players are on the hefty side) and it helps improve visualizing on smaller targets for lacrosse(the ball flying in the air) and improves awareness. Lacrosse players always help their teammates and being a team player in the Marines are why deaths are minimal.

    Also if you run daily, run with weights in your hands. Or a 20 pound bookbag, get a good experience walking around with a vest and a gun all day.

    You NEVER want to be unprepared, if you are, you'll hate it!

    Source(s): Cross Country runner and Wrestler. Future Marine.
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    Fall Sports Season

    - Cross Country

    This will help you out a lot because in the Marines we do a good bit of running

    Winter Sports Season

    - Wrestling

    Swimming is a fantastic workout but wrestling is too, also it will help you in martial arts.

    Spring Sports Season

    - Baseball

    This will be good because I'm sure you'll be working out pretty regularly.

    Source(s): Marine
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    Cross country cause you will be running a lot as a marine wrestling cause it builds strength and core muscles that are used a lot and will help give you an edge in combatives training then I would say lacrosse if anything cause you'll get the biggest workout during that

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    Sports and activities alone won't train you for active duty lol. But if I had to choose, cross country for building stamina, swimming, for the obvious reason, and lacrosse because it makes you work pretty hard compared to the others on the list

    Source(s): My opinions
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    To get ready physically, you simply need to do push ups, sit ups, and running. Wrestling would greatly benefit you, as would cross country and track. Wrestling will build your endurance up, and cross country too. You must do push ups and sit ups too though. Another important thing to keep in mind is to eat the right foods to be healthy.

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    Cross. Country, wrestling and lacrosse. Lung capacity and hand to hand combat matter. Lacrosse I chose cause the other options weren't as physical.

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