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I had a C section. My baby's 5months old,sex's still painful with some blood after.Anyone know WHY?

Bleeding for 9 weeks after the c section, at 10th weeks we're trying to have sex for the 1st time after child painful. GP 's not much help, said keep my baby is 5months old, still not much better, there's also some bright & dark spot of red blood after sex. I m still breastfeeding exclusively and not have my period yet. Anyone know WHY? :(

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    By bleeding, I assume that you're meaning VAGINAL bleeding, right? You're not still bleeding from your incision point, right?

    I think you have experienced poor healing from your uterine incision, and that is causing pain upon penetrative sex.

    Do you not have a gynecologist that you can work with?

    John Jones, MD

    Source(s): practicing gynecologist
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    You need to see another doctor because that is not normal to bleed after having sex.

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    im particular its as a results of fact of each and all of the superb smelling products, yet i understand they smell sturdy formerly products to! im guessing its like that ditingushied smell that your having with your sibling with there clean cells and that? im no longer fullyyt particular nonetheless. I kinda placed this to cows lol, whilst a cow supplies start it smells the calf plenty and starts licking off the after start to bathe it off. It additionally eats its sac(like the placenta) whilst that comes out the mummy of the toddler or anyother cow will devour it as a results of fact they like the smell and it has a ton of food in it for them!

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    While they didthe C section they secretly did a hysterectomy on you!

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