Do people with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy die from it and what are the symptoms and how fast is the heart rat?


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    What matador did not include was the fact that if HCM were treated like CHF with lasix it would be to the detriment of the patient. Nitriglycerin is also a drug that should not be used because it would interfere with filling pressures.

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    Cardiomyopathy is a disorder of the heart muscle. There are four main types:- Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - where the heart muscle becomes thickened ('hypertrophied'). Dilated cardiomyopathy - where the heart dilates (enlarges). Restrictive cardiomyopathy - where the heart muscle cannot relax properly between heartbeats. This is rare. Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy - another rare type which mainly affects the right side of the heart. Your question relates to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy –HCM – and so I shall discuss various details of this condition. As mentioned above, in HCM the heart muscle hypertrophies in parts of the heart. The cells of the heart muscle also become irregular and disordered, rather than in the normal heart where the muscles cells are regular and patterned. The muscle surrounding the left ventricle is the area commonly affected. Sometimes the muscle around the right ventricle is also affected. The degree of thickening may vary in different places. For example, the septum, which is the wall dividing the right and left ventricle, is often the area with the greatest thickening. In about 1 in 4 people the muscle thickening is evenly distributed throughout the walls of the left ventricle. The main symptoms include:- Breathlessness (shortness of breath). This may develop only when exercising if the condition is mild. When the condition is more severe there can be breathless at rest. Chest pain (angina). Palpitations. Dizziness and fainting attacks. Many people with HCM live a normal life and do not experience health-related problems. Other people with HCM may develop heart conditions that shorten life or decrease the person’s quality of life, including:- Sudden cardiac arrest and sudden cardiac death: Sudden cardiac arrest is a sudden loss of heart function caused by a dangerously fast heart rhythm called ventricular tachycardia. Unless emergency treatments, including CPR and defibrillation, are initiated immediately after the onset of symptoms, sudden cardiac death can occur. Most people with HCM have a low risk for sudden cardiac death. However, HCM is the most common cause of sudden cardiac death in people under age 30. HCM may be best known for its role in cardiac arrest and subsequent death in some young professional athletes. Heart failure, which is a condition in which the heart’s pumping power is weaker than normal.


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