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Please help me out, please I really need some help?

So this guy used to like me (guy A), but he had to move states so we both know a relationship wouldn't work. Here is what he has done:

1. Has lied about liking me before (said he didn't like me when he did)

2. When I got a boyfriend, guy A was really interested in my relationship. He also constantly told me he wasnt jealous, even when I didn't ask. He also pretended to forget my boyfriend's name (called him whatsisface).

3. I broke up with my boyfriend and told guy A I like him. he said he doesn't like me in that way anymore.

4. Guy A heard a rumour I was going out with someone else, so he texted me and was annoyed that i was with someone else. When I told him I wasn't with someone else, he was happy again.

5. I asked him why he was so interested in my relationships, and he said he was happy that I was going out with people because he’d always thought that I’d thought dating was “gross” (this sounds like garbage to me-I probably said for a joke once or twice that boys were gross).

Why does he do these things? He is 21.

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    He sounds like he likes you, doesn't want you to be with anyone else but is unsure (and perhaps a little immature) to let you know how he feels.

    That kind of behaviour suggests he likes you. But he could also be knowledgeable in this area and be a player. If he seems like he flirts with a lot of girls then he probably is trying to keep you interested in him for selfish reasons.

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    Sounds like you asked this question before but (shorter version) and I answered it by telling you that I didn't think he was interested in you. However, upon rereading what you wrote, I think he likes you some, but not enough to commit to you. It could be because he isn't ready or other reasons. I think it would be in your best interest to cut contact with him entirely because he is definetely pulling on your heart strings and affecting your relationships with others based on not being entirely honest with you. Good luck.

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    he is just embarrassed.

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