My friend broke the promise we made?

I told her that the other friend of hers in which I'm not friends with her anymore is that she's backstabbing her. We did a pinky swear and everything, she even swore not to tell anyone especially the other friend of ours since it would hurt her because it's the truth and it's something bad. After this, I told her that I, myself would apologize to my friend (well actually my friend is the one that's supposed to apologize), when I am prepared.

But one day I saw the two of them talking and looking at me at the same time, and I think they were glaring at me. So after their conversation I went near my friend that I made a pinky swear with and she said that she told her "my side of the story". I was so annoyed. She said it was to make things better for us, but guess what, it just got worse. Son of a b****. So now I don't go near her any longer, she broke my trust in her. ugh.

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well she likely to broke your promise is because to prevent it for getting worst

    "No Secrets that can be last forever" So eventually they'll found out and she will be in trouble as well because she knows your secret

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    9 years ago

    If you want to keep something a secret, do not tell ANYONE! That's a sure bet that no one will find out, just keep it to your self. Now you know that this girl is not a true friend, if she was, she would of kept her hugh mouth shut, but she disrespected you completely!

    Sounds like its time for some new true friends!

  • 9 years ago

    This story is too confusing.

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