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How to prepare our own nail polish at home?

I have a school project in chemistry. So my frnds gave me a idea to prepare a nail polish but i dont know how to prepare nail polish . So pls help me friends.

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    look around your house for an eyeshadow that you would like to be your nail polish color. if you do not have eyeshadow you can go to your local store. place the eyeshadow in a small plastic sandwich bag. apply pressure to the bag until the eye shadow is a fine powder. then place a funnel on top of a clear nail polish bottle. next pour the eye shadow powder carefully into the funnel. tap the funnel to filter the eye shadow through the nail polish. then shake the clear nail polish until your eyeshadow is well mixed in with it. then apply (-:

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    9 years ago

    There are a few ways to do it..

    I did a simple google search and found this

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