How to add GB's from the D: to the :C?

So I want to move some free GB's from the D: drive to the C: Drive. I know how "split" a C drive into a new drive but I don't know the reverse option. How do it do it?

I need to do it on my Windows XP deskop. So don't talk about options that aren't in XP.

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  • 9 years ago

    Most likely you have one physical drive that is partitioned. Very common. You can't change the partition through Windows without first reformating the partition, i.e. erasing the partition. However, there is a program I have used called Partition Comander that was able resize a partition, even the OS partition, without having to delete anything. With this program, you can probably increase your C drive to 45GB and decrease your D drive to 200GB. It usually gives you a choice more or less on how you want to resize it. First, you should back up all your files before you do this.

    Here is the program:

  • 9 years ago

    your drive C is Primary and C is extended.

    First, you must resize your D drive to get some free space(at before drive D).

    Convert it to primary and resize C drive.

    You can use hiren boot CD for that action, program is paragon partition manager or magic partition.

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