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What, for you, is the most overrated and underrated WWE/TNA PPV of all time?

In my opinion:

Overrated is WrestleMania 3 (WWE) and Unbreakable 2005 (TNA).

WM 3 is overrated because of Ricky vs. Macho Man and Hogan vs. Andre. Ricky vs. Macho Man was indeed a great match, MUCH better than the usual formula at that time, but they would have better matches later on their careers, and people often call this a 5-star match - NO! And Hogan vs. Andre had electricity all over it, with the Bodyslam being the most memorable moment in WM history, but wrestling wise, it was one of the worst matches ever. The undercard - with the exception of the Hart Foundation match, which was very good - was bad.

Unbreakable is overrated because of Styles vs. Daniels vs. Joe, which is THE best match in TNA. But come on, WM 25 had Taker vs. HBK, which is the best match in WM history, and that WM was bad. And it also had Rhino vs. Raven, a good fight. But do you got any another good memorable shot off that PPV? Don't know any another either.

Underrated is Unforgiven 2006 (WWE) and Bound For Glory 2009 (TNA).

Unforgiven 2006 had two matches consistently remembered as some of the better bouts of their kinds: DX vs. McMahons & Big Show inside Hell in a Cell, and Edge vs. John Cena in a TLC Match. Also, Johnny Nitro (John Morrison) vs. Jeff Hardy, Spirit Squad vs. Highlanders in a surprisingly decent match with lots of Tag Team moves, Kane vs. Umaga - probably the only below average match in the card, yet not that bad, Randy Orton vs. Carlito, and Trish Stratus' final match against Lita. Need to ask more for a Raw PPV in 2006? Oh yeah: where the ******* hell was Ric Flair? Had he appeared, the PPV would be even better than what it was.

BFG 2009 had one of the most loaded cards in TNA history. An Ultimate X Match. A 4-Way Full Metal Mayhem Match (TNA's version of TLC). A Monster's Ball Match which I believe is kinda underrated. Two surprisingly good 3-Way Matches. A pre-PPV great match between the MCMG and Lethal Consequences. A Submission Match between two monsters who know very much of submissions. A technical gem between two awesome competitors. And also, AJ Styles vs. Sting, which is TNA's equivalent to John Cena vs. The Undertaker. The only bad match was the KO Tag Team Match. Everything else is definetely worth your time.

What are your opinions?

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    Overrated: Wrestlemania 20. The entire PPV was really not that good and there was only 3 or 4 good matches but that does not mean the entire PPV is an instant classic. Brock/Goldberg was one of the biggest letdowns in wrestling history, Taker/Kane (despite Taker's epic return) was average at best, and The Rock n' Sock/Evolution thing was crap (although I gotta give kudos to Rock and Foley for putting them over). It wasn't TERRIBLE, but not the best either. I think people tend to overrate the PPV because of Benoit's win and Guerrero's win so they call it epic but in reality the PPV sucked.

    Underrated: 1993 Survivor Series. Not only is that one of the most underrated PPV's in WWE History but it also might be one of the most underrated PPV's Ever. This really was an underrated PPV for what it lead up too, and provided a little bit of everything with the All-Americans vs. Foreign Fanatics, the Family feud with Harts vs. HBK and his knights and the 4 Doinks with the comedic relief.

    Another one I found Underrated was Wrestlemania 7. I’ve always thought this was an underrated mania. I don’t know if there has ever been anyone more hated than Slaughter during this time. If you would have told me what the mania main event was going to be in the summer I would have thought it was terrible. They really made this work.

    There were other great moments at this mania. Randy Savage vs. The Ultimate Warrior is one of the greatest matches in mania history. It may not have been a technical masterpiece, but it was filled with drama and emotion. Savage and Liz reuniting at the end was truly a special WrestleMania moment.

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  • Overrated: Trying to decide which one

    Underrated: either summerslam 05 or no mercy 05

  • Overated PPV (WWE) : WM28

    Underated PPV (WWE) : Night Of Champions 2011

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