Help with negative inequalities?

please answer these








these are off mymaths

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    Move the X's on the left of the inequality and the nubers on the right.

    When you change sides, you change sign.


    21-3x>3 = -3x>3-21 (notice i changed 21 to -21) = 13x>-18 = DIVIDE -18 BY 13 = x>-1.38

    In questions like these you change the number to a posotive number:

    -x<-3 = x< 3 (imagine there is a one infront of the x, it would then loook like this ; -1x<-3. Then divide -3 by -1 and that will give you 3 because a minus multiplied by a minus is a plus...)

    Hope this helps...

    Source(s): I have an igcse in mathematics...
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    you need to take your time and think

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