Cave of Ordeals - Zelda TP?

I have some issues in this optional dungeon!

Place: Cave of Ordeals, Gerudo Desert

Floor: 48th floor.

Notices: I already used the Great Fairy's Tears bottle given by Jiovani (by accident). 

Painful enemies: I have a hard time to defeat these "Darknuts" and "Aeralfos". I know that I must use the clawshot, but it's so complicated to focus on two of them PLUS the Darknut.


• What should I start to eliminate first? The Aeralfos or the Darknuts?

• Do you have any tips and/tips to defeat these Darknuts?

BTW: Every gamer knows what it's like to die when you know that you were almost at the end.

I mean, I know, it's only a "game". In fact, it doesn't stop me from being so ANTAGONIZED!

I agree that that part of the game should have a moment to save up, maybe in the 30th floor I don't know!

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  • 9 years ago
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    So, go and get some fairys, dont fill all your bottles, fill up on bombs and arrows

    2nd: get golden chu jelly , there is some in the cave of ordeals on the cealing of one of the rooms but also here: go to Death Mountain pass. After the second Goron launches you up, you'll be in a place with geysers, turn to your left, or right, depending on the direction you face, and you'll see an opening with vines dangling down. Clawshot up to the vines, and before you climb up to the top put an empty bottle on "B". A Gold Jelly Slug will appear. Kill it and almost mmediatly after scoop up the jelly.

    3rd: bomb arrows on the darknuts from the ledge and then get the ariefols

    Lastly, if you want to skip any of the floors, then use the gale boomerang and put out the torch on the ledge when you enter the room

  • 9 years ago

    Aeralfos are the lizard things right... Annoying. I'd say you should try to beat the aeralfos first. Don't knock off the armor on the darknut until the aeralfos are gone otherwise, have fun playing tag with it. It gets a bit annoying once it's at your pace, doesn't it? Sorry, that's all I can help you with but I hope that you get past this. These are only suggestions and I'm not the best gamer (although I can beat most Zelda enemies) so you might wanna get some tips from others too.

    Source(s): Years of (somewhat annoying) gaming
  • 9 years ago

    First start off with the aeralfos then the darknuts. That floor wasn't that hard for me. It wil get easy after you get used to it

    Source(s): i played it many times
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