Greatest Friend greatest Enemy?

Okay, I'm in Hong Kong and people here (Nepali) Mostly teenagers around 14+

are in group (Gang) and beating people up, steeling, spiting on a taxi's window, using illegal weapons (sharp weapons) and beating another gang and seeing who's the better gang. And Some of the female Nepali thinks their "Hero" And such just because they look stronger better fearsome with group. I'm not Nepali and I'm not being racist. I have a classmate who is a Nepali He and I use to be good friends we've been friends for around 4 years until, He and I decided to talk about what we both wanna be. I told him I'm gonna be a Police or a Detective so I could wipe out all the gangster so the streets will be clean from dangers (Yes I know child-lish dream) and he replied "Stupid, I hate police, I'm gonna be leader of a gangster and kill all the police" since that day we see each other differently. And since I studied basics of Police/Detective for knowing a suspicious people I've noticed MOST of them are Nepali. The way they clothe, The hairstyles etc...

Yesterday I got into an argument with him again (the guy who wanna be leader of a gang) and almost end up into a fight.

After all the times I put my life on the line just to freaking save his *** from all those other gangster. I took the punch for him, I've help him numerous times. After all that he would repay me like this. He never thank me, he disrespect me he talks badly of me. I thought the first time I met him He and I will be great friends but the heck I'm wrong. We both are in the opposite side. Even until now I'm trying to find a way to help him change his path because I have a grandfather who use to be a gangster, A real gangster in the past. He's been in jail for 40 years and when he came out of jail he said to himself "My father was right, I should have listen to him"

But I don't think he'll ever consider it since he thinks he's superior cause he have a cousin who is in a gang but he just think that cause they got the bigger number.

So is there anyone here who have a great friend and still friend?? Or is it like what happen to me ?

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    9 years ago
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    Hi look be true to yourself and keep those beliefs coz if ur friend wants to act like a gangster then he will go the same way to jail as most do,stop protecting him so he can see it's not all glamour stay strong YES? ♥

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