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How to create a clickable text on my email body eg "click here"?

Hi please help, I want to put a clickable "click here" text that will replace my website link that when you click this high lightened "click here" text it will redirect to my website.. I want to put it on my email body but I dont know how? someone told me to put this code: <a href="your link">your text</a> but it does not working on my email body, any help would be much appreciated thank you..

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    type the text to which you want to attach the link. lets say "click here".

    then select the click here text and click on the hyperlink button(it looks like a set of interlocked links).

    then a input box opens, here you insert the link to which you want to take your reader.

    it is advisable to give the link in text form, sometimes the hyperlinks are removed for security reasons in some private servers.

    hope this is the solution to your problem.


    P.S. :you will not see the hyperlink button in the plain text mode, make sure you select the formatting.

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