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When are kpop groups coming to Canada or the States?

Either in 2011 or 2012. Korean groups almost never come to Canada. So if they don't come to Canada, I am willing to drive to the states :P

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    There's a free concert being held on October 9th in New Jersey ^_^

    You can check it out here:

    Apparently, you have to pick up the tickets at a distribution center in New York or New Jersey. They are being distributed starting tomorrow (Oct. 2nd), so it will help if you have someone you know pick them up for you. It's two tickets per person.


    There is also going to be a 'SM Town Live' concert in NYC this year.

    The tickets will be going on sale (Oct. 9th) at 10AM EST.

    You can learn more about it here:


    On the other hand, I'm not certain if any groups are planning to come to Canada soon.

    But keep your hopes up, since you never know. ^^

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