What does this mean? I nid help..cant understand?

Ok.. my girlfriend ignored me for quite some time now...

3 weeks i guess.. more than that maybe

so after weeks of trying to make her talk.. this is the only msg i get..

and i dun understand one part of it..

she said

"I really dont know what i should say to you on phone. And i dont even know what i want. Dun call me please. i dont feel like talking on the phone. Maybe.... i mean maybe, i really need time"

ok.. i can see that she is confuse whether she loves me or not...and she needs time.. so i will give her time for her to settle her emotions

the part i dun understand is what it means by maybe...i mean maybe i need time

why is there a maybe?

if she nids time she nids it.. she dun nid then dun nid..

wat does the maybe mean?

does it mean she has an answer?

or does it mean she is confused untill the point where she dunno whether she nids time..

should i wait for her?

how to deal with such cases?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    From what she said it sounds to me that she has decided she doesn't want seeing or talking to you anymore. I'd say your chances with her aren't very good.

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