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i have bad judgement...?

ok, so, i am new to the whole period thing and have my second one now. i wear pads (because i am no wear near comfortable with tampons) and my flow is medium-heavy. i recently discovered that i have no more super pads and only have regulars.....when i sit, i feel like i am leaking out the back, yet i am not and i have only been close once. is there any easy way i can know for sure when my pad is full because i am going to a friends house tomorrow and i don't want to stain their carpet. and i know i should change often and when i feel like it, but knowing would make me less worried about this situation, thx (:

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    I remember being about 12 and worrying about exactly the same things as you are. My periods were never heavy but it seems to be something every girl worries about regardless. The best thing to do is to check regularly, once every couple of hours. Like diapers, when they have reached their maximum absorbency they will start to feel heavy. Have your tried tampons? I hated the idea when I was younger but now I'm 21 I don't know what I ever did without them. When you are confident and comfortable enough to use them, you will feel much more comfortable with your period and it will stop being such a nightmare and more like a chore that you just endure and manage. It sucks but as you get older, it will get easier. If it makes you feel comfortable, you could also double up on pads, it isn't advisable but once or twice wont hurt. This might make you feel a little less worried about leaking.

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