I am feeling quite depressed?

Recently I have come to realization that I have nothing to offer someone else. I by no mean attractive, I have a somewhat introverted personality, I am not that intelligent either. There are some days where I just don't want to do anything, not even play games let alone study for my final year of exams in one month time. Right now I am on school break and all I have been doing is just sitting around the house eating or sleeping. It feels as if I don't have a purpose in life...what should I do?

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  • John
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    9 years ago
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    Life can really make us feel helpless sometimes. We never chose to be born, and with what physical body and characteristics, yet we have to live with all of these factors that bring us all sorts of suffering. However, although the problem seems to be our introverted personality and lack of intelligence and attractiveness, the real problem is the egoistic lens through which we perceive and experience our life. If we could change this lens, then all of these problems would disappear, because they only exist within the egoistic paradigm:



  • 9 years ago

    It sounds like you could benefit from a visit to your GP. Maybe you have a mood disorder or suffer from clinical depression. Life doesn't need to be this hard. Get help. I waited until I was 35 and suffered 20 years of feeling like you do only to discover that it isn't normal and that I didn't have to feel that crappy all of the time. In fact now I am medicated and feel great most of the time. I feel crappy about 2% of the time and the rest and I confident and in control of my life. I am sure you are attractive and intelligent you just don't feel that way therefore you don't project confidence which attracts people. Being introverted is not a bad thing - we can't all be extraverted and socially confident. Don't forget that the biggest factor that attracts other people to you is your attitude. Change that and you change your whole life.

  • 4 years ago

    I suppose so much persons have fallen into despair once or more of their lives. If the final time it occurred for you was once January, I do not suppose there is whatever mistaken with you. You're only a usual character who is going by way of a difficult time. Try now not to close your self off from the sector. Talk it out with peers, get out and maintain doing matters, concentrate to tune, move see films, move dancing, something it's that you simply do. It'll get bigger. Buck has a well factor in his reply underneath. It does appear such as you base your happiness in your relationships. Not that tons of persons are not additionally like that, and relationships are first-class, however it is also well to construct up a foundation for being ok with your self on my own. That means you will have whatever to fall again on and you do not consider like your lifestyles is over while you are at the outs along with your peers. Now possibly the time to expand a passion or a talent. Maybe begin writing, making a song, drawing, gambling guitar. Etc. --- A popular superstar as soon as mentioned: "The first-class factor approximately suicide is that it isn't a type of matters you must do now otherwise you lose your risk. I imply, you'll continually do it later."

  • 9 years ago

    You have no Purpose in life?

    Do you think Joseph Oppenheimer was born doing differential equations?

    Do you think Clerk Maxwell could do what he did without studying?

    Do you think Einstein believed he would amount to nothing, told by his teachers.

    Do you think people are here for a purpose?

    No, you make you're own purpose. I don't care what people tell me, genius is only a matter of interest in the topic. The harder you work, the easier it becomes.

    Source(s): "Destiny is not written", Einstein.
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  • 9 years ago

    Realistically you need to start with slow, one thing by one. You should work out to get yourself energized then you can move on from there. Don't worry about what you can't offer. Build up on what you can offer and only focus on that. Don't go looking for things that do not define you or what you want to do with your life.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    get studying and find your passion in college, that sort of stuff sets you free. Its not about intelligence or looks in the end its just something about the other person you like

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