Cant install n-gage games on my nokia n95?

i have five n-gage games in my nokia n95 but i dont know how to install them.each time i try,the phone messages me that memory full:close some application' and yet no application is open.i tried to download n-gage installer but i dont know how to access my n gage games in my memory card so as to install them.please help,what should i do to install/hack my n95 in order to install n gage games from my memory card?my nokia firmware v10.0.018

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  • 9 years ago
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    Idk if both are same nokia series or nt nt if it is then go to filemanager which should be third party application n go to whtever drives yu saved d software or game m then system n then apps n then click copy the folder from your mgage n paste to somewhere or send it thru Bluetooth to yur n95 n paste all file wid same folder name in drive/ system/apps n then paste ....this gona work 100 % of nt then email me

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