what to get my little sis for christmas?

my little sister is 10 years old she is into justin beiber and one direction but she also likes things like mario games and stuff and im really torn on what to get her any ideas

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  • 9 years ago
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    Try a huge framed pic of Justin and/or One Direction if she doesn't have them already. You might contact them and ask them for an autographed pic. Alot of times they will send you one if you let them know about her. Also, see if either are coming anywhere close to where you live and buy some tickets to take her to their concert. If you know of a good movie that's scheduled to come out, why not a ticket pass to that? I buy my kids season passes to our water parks each year for the summer. It's cheaper to buy off season for the coming summer season. She's probably into clothes as well. Why not try Abercrombie or Hollister for a gift certificate for clothes. How about some UGG boots. That's a very hot item here where we live. I'm sure she has an MP3 or 4 already but maybe an updated one that holds more. Hope I've given your something fresh to think about. Good luck.

  • 9 years ago

    ebay's a good place to look. they have lots of little justing beiber + one direction bits,and they don't cost that much. sometimes they do little teddies wearing a tshirt with a band/singer on..so cute! mario games tend to be quite expensive, so i'd stick with the jb + 1d idea ;) hope I helped! xxx

    Source(s): my little sister's 11.
  • 9 years ago

    A new justin bieber album and Mario Kart 3DS( if she has a 3DS)

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