Is he really sorry for what he did to me or is he playing games? Help Please?

So earlier last month I met this guy at school. I go to a junior college. We started hanging out because we live in the same town. So we went on four dates. We would always call and text each other. I knew he was sexually attracted to me because of comments he would always say but I never really paid attention to him. So during the coarse of four weeks we went on four dates, so I thought he liked me. The last date we went on, which was almost a month ago. He started feeling my breast and saying he wanted to have sex. I said no because we just met. He didn't really seem that angry. So the next day I saw him at school he told me I was bogus for not having sex with him last night, and to call him when I get home. So I called him and he never picked up. That was the last I heard from him. The first we he didn't talk to me, I called him and sent him several text and he never replied. The next week I sent him two text and he never replied. So I haven't seen him at school or talked to him in a month. I got the impression he does not Iike me and is ignoring me. I never even asked him why he is ignoring me. I only go to school one day out of the week. So this week I saw him in the hallway the hallway, talking to two girls. I just passed my and smiled at him and he looked the other way, but I didn't make a seen. So last night he text me saying he is sorry for what he did. I am a classy girls because most girls would have got mad when I saw him talking to girls. Then he said he should've never treated me that way because I never deserved that. He is sorry for hurting my feelings but I never even expressed my feelings were hurt, even thought they were. I told him I forgive him but we won't be talking again because he showed his true colors. Now he won't stop calling and texting me. Is he even really sorry for ignoring me or does he just feel bad that he ran into me at school? Why did he even ignore me?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Ignore him back and tell him you guys can't be friends anymore. He seems to only be interested in having sex with you.

  • i think that this guy just

    relle wants to get laid. those

    girls in the hallway probably denied

    him so hes just doing and saying whatever

    he thinks sounds good so that he can get

    someone into bed with him. DO NOT


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