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So aren't all atheists really fundies?

There is only ONE fundemental to atheism. To not believe in any deity. Atheists do not, therefore, they are fundies!!


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    Urgghhh. A part of me actually dies everytime somebody uses the word "fundies". I don't even know what it means it just makes you sound like such a pr*ck

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    Fairly accurate. But most fundies insist that every corner of their life should be run by rules set by their religion. That doesn't apply.

    I've gone through long periods of my life as a prosyltizing atheist. Then I married a fundie evangelical Christian. I know her bible better than she does, but shrug. We don't need to convert each other.

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    Atheists fundamentally don't believe in God, otherwise, they could not be atheists. A fundamentalist strictly abides to specific doctrine, I am disinclined to say that simply not believing in God is a doctrine as it seems to be the lack of a doctrine to me. I don't think you can argue that lacking a doctrine is in fact a doctrine of having no doctrine...

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    a fundamentalist has a closed mind and does not accept evidence contrary to their position.

    the first time any theist shows actual evidence for the existence of a god or gods I will change my position.

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    I wish I could follow your logic . . .

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    yes they are

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