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Gone insane, hallucinating, or just panicked?

I get panic attacks, and dissociation very very often too. Well, as the panic attacks shot up, i started to get stranger problems, til it became clear that i was inventing them. Then tonight happend.

I had folded my DS up and left it on sleep mode. At this point logic collapses, so please bare with me.

I somehow came to believe that the DS sleep light was blinking several times faster than it was. I looked again, and I saw it STOP...then start agian. I immediatly paniced and HARD, because in that moment, I somehow came to believe that the hyperactive lights i imagined were actually in some way connected to my heart. So when the light flickerd at its normal rate (which looked many times too slow to me) i just lost it utterly.

I literally thought it was my heart stopping. Im STILL scared, its been like an hour! This stuff doesnt even make sense anymore :( not even sorta. should i be as upset as I am? The actual symptoms never worsen ( cause its panic) but different things come to different prominence, and such has been the case for the last year.

So am I gonna go crazy because I hallucinated i was a crazy person who thought his heart was connected to a DS power light? :( thats no fun at all.

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    It wasn't a hallucination. It happens to me when watching lights or anything rhythmic - it's hard to judge whether there's an even space between them - especially when listening to heart beats and pulsing lights like the one on your DS. In fact if you look at a light (or the stars in the sky at night) for long enough, you may even find your brain tricks you and that for a while you can't see it at all!

    It sounds very much to me like you had a panic attack. Sometimes the very slightest thing can trigger them and often they appear for no known reason. It's likely that you would have had one anyway and that the light on your DS is much less significant than you think. It's also possible there is a slight malfunction with your DS and the power supply, meaning the light did not blink at regular intervals.

    The fact that you started thinking about your heart is because during a panic attack, the mind races at a zillion miles an hour and you probably have many different thoughts for each second that passes. Your stressed and panicked brain linked the rhythmic pulsing to the rhythmic beating of your heart, and during a panic attack the heart races, causing you to be much more aware of it and how fast/slow it's going. When you panic, your judgement of pace, time and speed goes out of the window so things which are regular appear not to be.

    Nothing strange is happening and you're not going mad. I just think you not knowing whether something weird was going on triggered the panic attack which you were no doubt on the edge of anyway.

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    First of all, calm down!

    Indeed you're experiencing a panic attack

    The best thing for you to do right now is to go talk to someone in person, a friend or family member.

    And when the opportunity comes, call a doctor that can recomend you to a psychologist.

    Maybe your having a psychosis, and you'll have to seek help for that.

    Good luck, and get well!

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    i know bro its happens to everyone at one point or another. but just relize panic attacks are from anxiety thats the reason. um hallucinated i dont think you did. unless you seen pink elephants and naked chicks in your room. you just have anxiety and severe panic attacks. anxiety makes you belive a lot of things that arent fact. cause your in a hyper state of panic and when you panic **** happens. sooo no dont worry.

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    What?See a doc.

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    i'm not quite sure but id go for counseling if i were you.

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