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Any good makeup advices for me?

Ok so I have a pale and pretty face - I mean make-up professionals and anyone who put make up on my face said so :D I dont mean to be arrogant- I have a small and well-shaped nose, long face, big dark brown eyes. When I open my eyes its not so possible to see my eyelids, I mean I don't have like frog eyes lol. I've looked through makeup tutorials for brown eyes but most of them made me look too dark because I'm really pale. Any advice for makeup? :)

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    to open your eyes up a little you should apply a skin color base to your eyes then follow the eye line around your eye with a brown powder making like an oval shape , use a brush to remove excess eye shadow and slightly to the side to definition your eyes use a liquid eyeliner near the eyelash base to create a line going along and also on the lower lid to put it along your eyelash line not on the inner line , top of with a black or brown mascara start at the eyelash root and move your mascara wand side to side slightly this will help by giving you a thickened lash and if you apply from root to tip whilst looking down into a mirror this will help your eyelashes curl , let the 1st coat dry then apply another but you wont need to move the brush side to side this time , im no expert but i hope this suits you

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    brown eyes colors blue and purples copper golds and bronze colors for brown eyes mascara a white eye shadow on the brow bone and tear duct it gives the eyes more look.

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