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What do u think about polygamy?

What are your opinions of Polygamous marriages? Do u really think it's a faith? Or do u think it's just an excuse for the person to have more than one spouse?

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    Polygamy is not a faith, it is a lifestyle choice. The FLDS church teaches its members that they should be polygamous to get into the highest levels of heaven, but that still does not make polygamy itself a faith. I think they believe this because they are supposed to have as many children as possible to grow their church.

    I do not believe what the FLDS believe at all, but I have chosen a polygamous marriage. I'm a woman, and there is no religion telling me to do it - I just find it the best situation for me (I blog about it at if you are interested). For a man to have multiple women and do it well, it is not easy. You have to really feel it is right for you to go through all the effort. I think that people who can be happy doing it are rare.

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    No offense to any one,but I'm against it! For those who are Mormon it really is a religious thing. I feel that if nowadays its acceptable to have a man be with a man,or a women be with a women. All these different types of partners are accepted why not them too. As long as there consenting adults,then it shouldn't bother anybody. Also they should be able to afford it&it should go both ways man&women. If a man wants a hundred wives,or a women wants a hundred husbands then more power to them. I don't think the government,or peoples opinions get involved.

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    Of course it's an 'excuse' for having multiple partners. Just as monogamy is an 'excuse' for having only a single partner. Is there anything wrong with either preference?

  • Yes, an excuse to have sex with different women.

    But it`s much too expensive for most ordinary mortals. And even the rich seem to be getting bored with it anyway. One woman is quite enough for most men to cope with....financially and sexually.

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    As far as faith: it's aprivate matter and individual choice

    the good of it for me: if the wives are sexy, thin, supple breasts, short skirts

    the bad of it for me: if the wives are ugly and nag and nag and nag

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    its like buying the variety pack of pop tarts

    see what i did there?

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    check this out

    i this like this link....see what is ur opinion after watching this

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