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Is it normal to feel the need to having someone close?

I don't know but I am feeling a bit lonely these days. I just feel that i need someone who will talk to me, care for me and spend time with me. I don't know but i feel l need someone. Is this okay or am i just a lonely person?


I'm 24 at the end of this month and i have never had a bf.

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    Most people get like this. Human beings are social creatures. Even the most apathetic people eventually crack.

    Edit: and don't worry about it so much, if you let a relationship or lack of be the only thing to occupy your thoughts you inevitably end up depressed or hurt or both. We can probably also assume your at home a lot of the time too? Just go out and do stuff - find something to occupy your time and please yourself.

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    Hw old are yu? N u never been into relation???

    M pretty sure yu need a bf

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