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Why is there evil...?

Ok, here's something I don't understand about the evil side of stories. And by evil side I mean the "I got an army and I want to destroy everything" type of evil.

It just seems unrealistic. Like, what exactly are you trying to accomplish with this? What happens after you kill all humans? Do you kill yourself? What happens after you screw the setting(world) over ten times? What's the purpose of evil?

I'm watching Lord of the Rings and I cannot understand the point of Sauron's little war. And then when I watch other movies or read other stories where there's a big, bad army, I ask myself the same thing: "Why is evil fighting to destroy everything? What's the purpose?" etc.

Any thoughts?


If there was no evil, there would be no heaven. Everything would be just and neutral.

It seems to me that good only arises as the byproduct of evil. And when evil isn't present, everything just exists.

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    That's the one thing that annoys me about LOTR.

    Generally, it's a no-no, but nowadays that's more because 'Big Evil Overlord Who Wants To Take Over The World' is a massive cliche, especially in fantasy.

    I prefer villains who have clear goals, who are motivated for a real reason (other than 'because I'm evil' or 'because I can') and that the audience can emphasize with to some extent.

    People do like villains like that, though; I guess this could be because despite being illogical, generic good vs. generic evil plots can be entertaining.

    ""I got an army and I want to destroy everything" is unrealistic?? Seriously? Ever heard of WWII? That's EXACTLY the kind of evil that Hitler was."

    Hitler didn't want to 'destroy everything'. He wanted what he saw as 'impure races' to die so only his 'Aryan race' existed. He also wanted to make his country etc far more efficient and change the world into a world that he liked.

    Not all evil goals include wanting to kill everything and everyone... have YOU ever heard of WWII?

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    Sauron isn't human. You need to read "The Similarion" to understand. Morgoth, who is like the devil in LOTR, was blind with hatred and destruction, and he wanted more then he should. he destroyed everything and wanted the world to be his. Sauron was sort of like his companion, but with lesser power.

    So, it's the Devil and a demon wanting the world to be theirs.

    Sauron's purpose was the Rings; he wanted the different races to abide the rules he sets, he wanted all the countries to be his. he wanted people to fear and worship him. That's why he created the rings - so he can rule all the free people of Middle-earth (especially since he failed before.) The whole war wasn't to kill everyone, but to control them - to defeat them and leave them weak so he may find the ring.

    See, it always depends on what book you're reading. some books are very horrible at even trying to develop the antagonist, and the villain is stupid and comical. others are more in-depth, and those are the truly good books.

    if you're reading something that says the villain wants to take over the world, and there isn't any purpose - then that author didn't do a nice job.

    what is evil? evil can be everything and nothing at all. nothing is entirely evil, nor is it good. for example, if a fire kills people and destroys their homes - it's evil. If that fire gives people warmth and comfort, it's good. I read a really interesting article, and this was one of the paragraphs:

    "When one man murders another, his motive is to do good to himself, or to his family, or to society, or to fulfill some purpose, which he considers good. The murderer may believe that he does some good to somebody, but, as he takes a wrong course of action, he is called a murderer, and gets no sympathy from anybody, and is punished by society and the State. When a big murderer, however, comes from the battlefield after committing hundreds of murders to possess another’s territory, we praise him and call him the greatest hero, and reward him. But if we analyze the nature of the work he has done, we find that he has committed many murders to serve his country. As the murderer of multitude is supposed to do good to his country, so possibly the man who kills but one person, may do some good somewhere, although we may not recognize it as such."

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    Total domination. After Sauron would've succeeded then he would have no enemies and the world at the palm of his hand. Also, without evil we would have nothing to compare to and make good.

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    Evil is always the best when it's for the greater good.

    Like Magneto in X-men... God, he was an awesome villain.

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    To make the stories more interesting. But you have a REALLY good point though.

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    "I got an army and I want to destroy everything" is unrealistic?? Seriously? Ever heard of WWII? That's EXACTLY the kind of evil that Hitler was.

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    it just makes the good guys that much better

    It adds more suspense

    It's always ganna be there so why question it

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    If there was no evil.... we would already be n heaven.

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