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Pleas help me my friend is dating my crush!!!!!!?

Ok so this took place not that long ago and I've been told by lots of people I'm nice sometimes too nice, anyways my friend has a crush on my crush and my crush likes both me and my friend and I helped my friend to get her to like him and go out this was successful and I thought I was doing the right thing but once I realized what actually just happened in my head I was thinking oh sh!t wtf have I just done I told my other friend (a girl) and told her what I did and she said why did u do that I tried to say I always put friends first but now I want her back to be mine btw we've been out lots before but she's going out with my best friend and I love her so much and the guy is Like a bro to me so I don't want to hurt either of them but I love her soooo much realistically I want to marry her!!! Sorry I made this long thanks for reading.

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    You sound like a really nice guy and it's great that you put other people's priorities up there but what about what you want? It's like you think of others so much that you literally forget about what's important to you. It's great that you're so selfless but like anything, these things work... until they don't work. I think your selflessness is hurting you and that's not good.

    It's hard for people who are this kind because they're often disappointed - most people won't go to the trouble that you do to nurture a friendship. But...this is no-one fault but yours. You've got to throw your hat into the ring sometimes, you have to take chances and risks.

    If these two adore each other, I can't help feeling that maybe it wasn't meant to be for you and this girl. There must be other girls around and if there aren't right now, don't worry - there will be. Next time, don't help one of your friends hook up with the girl you like. That's not being a friend - that's hurting your own chance at happiness.

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    Arww that's a sweet thing to do but i know how you feel and now you regret getting them together really. First talk to the guy and just let them him know how you really feel but say im not trying to split you up because im so close with you but i really like her and always have liked her. Then see what he says? Hope this kinda helps?

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    Win her back! Whats your facetime? Ill call you talk bout it

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