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Why did a cop demand my brother to put his shirt on in America?

Ny State

My brother is 17yrs old & skinny he was outside with no shirt on a cop on a bike told him to put his shirt on or he would goto jail Is it really ilegal not to wear a shirt outside???


He was just outside our house not causing any trouble

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    BS. In New York women can walk around topless. NY Supreme Court decision many years ago.

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    What gang tattoos does your brother have? Police officers have better things to do than to tell young men to put on their shirts for no reason at all. You aren't being honest about the entire situation or you are ignorant as to what actually happened. As to why it was demanded in America, it is probably because he was standing in America when this occurred. While you are pondering these things, learn to write a correct sentence with no misspellings and that has proper punctuation.

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    I think it depends on the law where you are. In NYC, a woman was arrested for being topless and successfully sued the city because if a man can walk around topless so should a woman. That being said, maybe the statutes in your town are where if a woman can't walk around topless, then a man shouldn't be able to either. That way, they avoid discrimination lawsuits against their department. I'm not defending or advocating for the cop, I think it depends on your laws.

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    Hard to believe, but if it's true, there's some part of the story we don't know.

    Was it a real cop or someone in a uniform impersonating one?

    If it was a real cop, what were the circumstances?

    It's obviously not illegal for a boy to go shirtless in public, so if a real cop actually told him that, I would like to know what the situation was before I make a judgment. I find it extremely difficult to believe that any actual cop would randomly tell a boy to put his shirt on or go to jail.

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    Ask the cop to state what law he is in violation of by reference. However, I think that he messed with the cop first and you just do not want to admit it.

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    Not buying it

    You are trying to be a trouble maker to see what kind of comments you can harvest

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    your full of it unless your brother exhibits something on his body to be considered as a obscenity and nothing is obscene in ny

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    Just a power-hungry hothead.

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    Of course not...that cops a ******** lol.

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    I don't buy your story.

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