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if things a few miles away appear to fade into blue how come we can see the moon crystal clear?

just something i noticed

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    The Moon reflects light that can pierce through the atmosphere.

    There are many other things that you cannot see in the night sky because of all the city lights and the atmosphere, like stars and planets

    That's why large telescopes are built on high altitudes.

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    9 years ago

    Do you know why the sky is blue? It is very closely related to the reason why the sky is bright: if it were only a matter of blue air, the sky would be bright on the side where the sun is and dark on the other side. No, the sky is blue because air deflects blue light more than red light. So red light is more likely to go straight through and you are more likely to see blue light whichever way you look.

    Ok, now: when you look at the moon you are looking at the light that goes straight through. And since it is the only light you can see, your eye tells you it's white. If you look at the moon during the day, when the sky looks blue, then the moon looks blue too.

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    Because it's sooo huge, and light can travel reaaallllllllllyyy far!

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