Reliable web hosting that allows paypal payment?

Can anyone recommend? I only use paypal to pay for things online. I know it's limiting, but I feel safer that way.

Website will be small business, basically it's my graphic portfolio. If the web host has a built in website builder that would be a bonus because my website building skills are limited ( I'm sure I could figure it out, but it would take a lot of time and I'd like to get something decent online for now and then I can work on a much better site when I get free time)

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    9 years ago
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    Personally, I recommend E2 web hosting. They offer great hosting for a very affordable price. They also offer a free sitebuilder tool for creating a website without any knowledge of html code. Or, even better, use E2's one click installer and get yourself concrete5. It's a very easy CMS - you can create a great website within a few minutes with concrete5.

    You can pay them by paypal or credit card.

    Here's a link to check them out:

    I host most of my sites with them and I'm very satisfied with their service.

    Hope this helps.

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    These days you can use your credit card with some of the known big hosts but I understand that you want to pay with paypal.

    I'd recommend you look at Arvixe (listed in the website below). They have a site builder called RvSiteBuilder which is reasonably good but then if it is for your business, I'd suggest that you start looking at hiring a freelancer who can spruce up your website (not using the web site builder) so that it looks completely professional. I come from a professional background and I have seen that a professional website impacts your client's mindset a lot and can many a times make them go for you if your website looks great. If it looks as if a high school kid pulled it together in his spare time, then it reduces your chances of conversions. But yeah, in the meantime, the site builder should be a plus.

    I host with them and I've found their service and hosting very good.

    Hope that helps.

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    Try HostGator...they have a website builder plus free website templates/designs. If you use the coupon code OCTOBERFREE all you have to do is pay 1 cent to try them out... Its good thru October. Hope this helps.

    ps... you can get a buynow button code thru your paypal acct so u can sell your graphics.

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    You can use paypal to pay for domain name registration,e-mail/webmail,blogs,album/storage,websites,web hosting etc at and it's all cheap,easy-to-use and reliable.

    For a graphic portfolio site you could try out the free version of - not sure if they accept paypal if you want to upgrade though.

    Good luck!

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    9 years ago

    I suggest you compare the top hosting providers! I found a good site with hosting information, reviews, coupon codes and more. Take a look

    hope this helps!

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    If you're looking for sitebuilder solution. Hostgator would be the best choice, they're using plesk sitebuilder wizard which is rated as the best one in the business. Make sure to check out the latest coupon at this page if you're ready to sign up.

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    any web host should allow paypal. Hostmonster is a good web host.

  • 9 years ago

    I suggest HostGator

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    9 years ago They offer free site builder ;)

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    9 years ago

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