I am getting a message of suspicious activityand it won't send email out?

the message i receive when i try to send email out is "suspicious activity has been detected to proptectyouand your message will not be sent. I have changed my password ect and still get this message . How or what do I do???to correct this????

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    9 years ago
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    That is one of the latest glitches which has been bothering users since 2 days. Yahoo staff has been notified and is working on it, but there's no telling when the problem will be solved, sorry...

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sign in to your account.

    Click the New button to start a new email.

    To the far right of the "Subject" line click the Switch to Plain Text link.

    Compose and send your email.

    To make "Plain Text" your default when replying or forwarding, do this:

    Sign in to your Yahoo! Mail account.

    Click the Options menu in the upper-left corner, and select Mail Options from the pull-down list.

    Select "General" from the list of options on the left side of the page.

    Check the box between to; When replying & forwarding and Mark original message with > (plain text only).

    Click the "Save Changes" button in the upper left corner.

    Source(s): yahoo help
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