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What caused the BP oil leak in the gulf of mexico?

I am doing an assessment at school about the gulf of mexico oil leak! Me and my partner are working really well, we split up the work evenly to make it fair. We have a great idea of how to do it, however one problem, I DON'T KNOW THE CAUSES OF THE BP OIL LEAK! i know what your thinking, why dosn't she just ask google. well i tried, but their answers are a bit technical. So sorry about the huge detail, but please anwser me without to much technical language if possible! thank you xx

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    The leak took place off the coast of Louisiana. It had nothing to so with the country of Mexico and caused no damage in Mexico. In simple terms, the cause was the lid ( blowout preventer) on the undersea oil well, blew off. That can happen when there is a buildup of gas in the well. There were many small mistakes that had been made whioch caused to lid on the well to be weak and prone to blow up....those are all the technical things you have read, but in common terms, the lid blew off

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