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Muscle endurance causes hypertrophy?

A couple of my friends and acquaintances are into lifting, maybe four people, and they've got some impressive muscle, especially since the last times I saw some of them which was some months ago. The thing is, when I ask them what set and rep ranges they use for everything, they all (note: all of them) have said either "until failure, I just do each lift until I can't do anymore" or something like 75 or 100 reps straight. I even prod more by asking them "do you ever do set and rep ranges like 4x8 or 5x10?" and none of them do. I've even been there while they work out, so they aren't just telling me this to show off.

My question is, isn't their rep ranges/until failure training supposed to build only muscle endurance and little, if any, size? Why is it that they've gained significant size off of training like this, if they're training muscle endurance? One of them will even be competing in a state competition next year, so I'm very curious. Thanks.

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    what pound weights are they using? usually for building muscle endurance and muscular tone its low weight high rep and for muscular strength it high weight low rep.

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