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what does it mean when my friend who is a boy that i like talks to my bestfriend more than me?

long story short.

i introduced a friend of mine (male) that i am in like or love with to my best friend (female) and now they chat together online and texts more than i do. and i have known him longer than ive known her.

here is the full story.

i have been friends with this boy for 2 years and i do really like him, and he kind of liked me. he said he wanted to have sex with me and all this stuff but then i moved away and . now a like 2 months ago i introduced him to my friend Lindsey and they did not really talk. but ever since i moved they have been talking on the internet more and he does not talk to me ever and he has asked she come hang out with him and now he is calling her things he use to call me. do you know whats going on? has he lost interestt in me completely?

this is complicated.



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    Hi simple answer he thinks he is on a winner (sex-wise) and probably she is flirting or like so he is NOT worth losing sleep over coz he just thinks from below his waist ,so good to get rid of him if u get my meaning so yeah? ♥

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