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How can I make my laptop faster?

Basically, I have an Acer Aspire One Happy net-book, and recently it's got so much slower, it's getting really annoying. It was fast when I first got it (last Christmas), and I know I have downloaded things over time but I do regular clear ups and remove pro-grammes I don't need. Is there anything else I can do to speed it up?

Thank you~

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    Erase everything and start over. This is sure to bring the computer back to life, however it is often saved for last resort, since it is very time consuming and requires backing up all important files. Insert the reinstallation disk and power up the computer. The computer will recognize the disk and begin the setup program. Allow the installation software to reformat the drive and reinstall from scratch.


    Defragment the hard drive. In Microsoft Windows, go to "Start," "All Programs," "Accessories," "System Tools," "Disk Defragmenter." All modern file systems, like NTFS, are prone to some type of fragmentation. This is where a file is spread across multiple physical locations, which forces the hard drive to mechanically waste time following all of the links to reconnect the file. If this fragmented file happened to be a main system file, then performance losses will constantly arise. If the files are user data, like pictures, then every time a picture is opened, a seek delay will occur. Defragmenting software will find fragment files, and move the pieces back together to be in a continuous line for faster access.


    Search and destroy all viruses, spyware and malware. These are programs that are usually malicious and waste the computer's time. A computer can only do so many operations per second. Every single process takes up valuable time that could be available to the user. A virus steals this time and uses it for its own purposes, accomplishing something evil and slowing down your computer. Software available to do this may cost money, however SpyBot Search and Destroy is free and available to download.


    Remove start-up programs. These are programs that launch when the computer first loads. They may be browsers, instant messaging windows, music players or anything else. If these programs are rarely used, definitely turn them off. In Windows this can be done by typing "msconfig" into the run box on the start menu and clicking the start-up programs tab. Then uncheck the programs to prevent them from auto start-up.


    Free up hard drive space. The computer needs extra disk space to create virtual memory for running programs. If the available space is down to less than 20 percent, then serious slowdowns will result.

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    If it is running Windows 7, try Msconfig - (Type msconfig in the search box and press enter.) Click services and click hide all Microsoft service. Then, deselect all leftover. Now, click on startup and deselect all again. Please be reminded, you may disable your Antivirus etc. in the process. To avoid such mistakes, try studying the description on the panel before carrying any action.

    Another software I recommend is Advanced System Optimizer which gets the job done automatically without you having to manually configure your Registry.

    Lastly, you should scan for viruses, defrag your HDD drives etc.

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    Hey there, try defragging your pc... go to start>all programs>accessories>system tools>disk defragmenter

    all those install~uninstall, copy~deleting could make your disks heavily fragmented and it takes time to open applications...

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    Google search Glary Utilities.

    Install and run that programme, it fixes any invalid files your OS uses so it runs faster :)

    Source(s): I use it :)
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    If you're laptop is really that slow, backup your files into your backup hard drive and reinstall! It"ll run fast again!

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    -Run a virus scan.

    -Use TuneUpUtilities and CCleaner.

    As it's a netbook you can't really upgrade an internal parts.

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