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WTF is wrong with this guy? What's going on? Help please I'm confused as hell!?

There was this guy who came to our school in the beginning of this year (a month ago). In the first week of school, he would ALWAYS stare at me but we never talked. On the last day of his second week, he randomly came up to me and asked about the class we would take together (the one that I had just found out about). Then he sat next to me and we talked for like half an hour, he asked so many questions about me (personal ones, like where I wanna go for college, if I was alwats in that school, how old my brother is, where I live, he almost interviewed me!) and told me about himself too. When I asked him who was in his class, he mentioned my ex who was controlling and a liar, when I told him not to mention him he asked why and I told him we had broken up 3 months ago, he was like "cool". I was like dont get too close to him, when he asked why I told him that he makes up stuff, then he told a story about it and we laughed (he tried to make him look bad in other ways too). The next week on monday everything was perfect. He asked how my weekend was, he made my ex look bad again, made jokes and stuff. The following day he asked me if we had class but then didnt talk to me but stared. Since then, he doesnt even look at my face anymore and I always see him with this other new girl. They ALWAYS hang out together, I also know that she has a boyfriend. I also see him with my ex, even when my ex harrassed me again and my best friend went up to him told him to leave me alone, when she was walking away she heard him and the new girl laugh. He saw the evil looks I gave them but still talked to my ex and laughed with him. Even in our common classes, he used to always talk to me, but now even though I ALWAYS show him that he can always talk to me, he just doesn't. He has no expression on his gorgeous face!! When the class is over, he stands up and leaves. Yesterday, I saw him when he was walking away, he stopped at the stairs and looked at me, then left. WTF?? I don't know what's going on, he's so hard to read! I wonder if he doesnt wanna have my ex's leftovers (Even though I was the one who left) or my ex made me look bad to him.. IDK!! Please help me guys! Thank you for reading this longgg story if you've come this far.

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  • Hmm, it sounds like he's either not interested, sorry.. cause i know you prolly don't wanna hear that, or he's just trying to make you jealous. That's the only reason I can imagine he'd wanna hang with your ex boyfriend after you two had just laughed and joked around about him. Or maybe you're right, maybe your ex saw you two talking and out of jealousy he ran up to the dude and told him some fake, bad stuff about you. If I was in that guys position, I'd be extremely confused and scatter-brained on what to do. For real though, you need to just go up to the dude and talk to him, forget waiting on him to talk to you. We guys don't like doing all the work haha. And if you do go up and talk to him, and it gets a little awkward, or he's rude to you, just be like ok? watever, bye. Then don't look at him, and if you do accidentally look at him and he catches you looking at him, do not smile, just give him a look that says "i can do way better than you", don't talk to him, don't do anything involving him for a good.. week or so. Then out of nowhere when you catch him looking your way, flash a smile at him. Because if whatever you're doing now isn't getting the guys attention, that will FOR SURE. Us guys love a challenge.. true story. This was a long answer but it's 100% legit.

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    I constantly discover it ordinary with regard to the gender that likes to communicate and communicate and communicate that as quickly as you come again to a subject like this you do each and everything different than communicate. My advice is you sit down him down and confer with him in a rational, calm way. discover out what is going on and however if or no longer he's long gone over to the dark section (out of your attitude). There are large odds that your ex boyfriend along with his spectacular character has poisoned him. i'm offering you with this recommendation out of your attitude even however i do no longer comprehend the great quantity of the placement. I have no theory who did what or do whom and why. ultimate of success.

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