Rate this piece of writing?

Rate this piece of writing?

Whenever you feel lonely Gracie, come here, I’ll be watching you.

Grace could barely remember her mother now, she had been so young when she died. There were little things, such as they way they used to go sailing together or her home cooked Spaghetti Bolognese or the smell of her favourite perfume, little childhood memories that lingered on, but not much. She remembered, the day her mother died. On the morning, they had gone sailing, all three of them, her father paddling, slowly but steadily.

Her mother, Kaylen, had begun to cry and gently removed her locket from around her neck, pressing it into Grace’s hands. It was then she spoke the words, “Whenever you feel lonely Gracie, come here, I’ll be watching you.” She paused and then continued, catching her breath, “I’m just sorry I’ll never see you grow up. See you get married and have children.”

As she was only young, Grace had not understood why her mother had to leave. For a time she was angry with Kaylen, believing it was her fault for going.

As she got older she understood and learned to love the lake that had played a very precious part in her childhood. It was the last memory of her mother she possessed.

The lake had a calming effect on her, and whenever she was upset or scared, she was to be found in her little canoe, The Kaylen, named after her mother. Another reason Grace loved the lake was because of the beautiful views; the serene and inviting stretch of water that seemed to have no end, surrounded by the grey peaks of snowy mountains and covered by a blanket of powder blue sky.

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    For a younger teenager it's alright.

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