HTC Desire HD or HTC Sensation?

I know that the Sensation is supposed to be better, newer and all that stuff. But since I've never had a smartphone before I was wondering if it's really worth spending that extra money when I might not be able to tell the difference. Sure, in theory the Sensation is much better but is it really that much in reality or should I go with the cheaper choice?

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  • 9 years ago
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    The HTC Sensation is one of the 4 Dual Core Smart phones released in 2011, which as a dual core should not? be compared to a single core like the HTC Desire HD.

    With these both being HTC it really is up to you to decide if the additional money is well spent.

    If you do need a particular feature on your phone you should be willing to pay for it than reject it on costs alone

    here they are side by side

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  • arai
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    4 years ago

    HTC Sensation is a extra cutting-edge style. It has a quicker processor, Bluetooth 3.0, a miles better battery / extra battery life, can checklist and output 1080p video in comparison to the HTC choose. sure, I very own the HTC choose HD and battery life might desire to be extra advantageous. finished-on utilization non-end will run the battery flat in approximately 5 - 6 hours, yet primary utilization spurts during the day and it frequently lasts an afternoon or 2. additionally the sensation fixes the digicam bulge - the will HD's digicam juts out and it somewhat is stressful for a case to guard that bit, or for the telephone to place flat on a table. in case you're able to have the money for it, the HTC Sensation is the extra advantageous selection. listed under are the modifications under (comparable spec stuff like 8MP, Android 2.3 Gingerbread are comparable on the two, no longer reported): HTC Sensation: --------------------------- a million.2GHz Qualcomm CPU (twin-center) Bluetooth 3.0 1080p video recording 1520 mAh battery + can output by mini-USB to gadget with HDMI enter digicam flush with the decrease back. HTC choose: --------------------------- 1GHz Qualcomm CPU (unmarried-center) Bluetooth 2.a million 1230 mAh battery 720p video recording digicam juts out - stressful to guard

  • 9 years ago

    Excellent product. Highly recommended.HTC DESIRE HD has great technology, a lot of applications and an excellent operating system. Android works perfectly, the touch screen is amazing with high resolution and definition.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your HTC Desire HD includes a brilliant, cinematic display screen combined with Dolby Mobile and SRS sound, so that it is wonderful for enjoying do-it-yourself epics - filmed together with your cell phone's on-board HD digital camera.

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