When will this stupid warm weather end?

Today it's the 1st of October it's an autumn season and it's boiling why?I live in Halifax West Yorkshire England how many more days of this sunshine i don't like warm weather like this in summer it wasn't even this hot can sum1 explain to me wat has happened

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  • 9 years ago
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    Currently, we have a stable high pressure that has moved north from central Europe. Low pressures from the Atlantic are currently moving north-north-east into the Norwegian Sea. As the air moves counter-clockwise around a low pressure and clockwise around a high one, this brings air from the south-south-west toward northern Europe, hence the warm weather.

    The forecast for next week is that the high pressure will slowly weaken and move to a center of the bay of Biscay. That will make the air flow to come more west and bring colder air masses in. After that, a very deep low pressure will move toward the British Islands and Scandinavia and we can expect strong wind and rain.

    Whoever forecast snow later this month of October must have a very powerful crystal ball because no one can predict the weather more than a few days ahead.

    If I know about the current weather pattern is because I fly a little aircraft and today, I should have been flying from Norway to Sweden. But the high pressure also causes intense fog, especially here, near the coast, and I won't be flying. This is why I answer Yahoo!Answers, instead! :-)

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    9 years ago

    Apparently its due to some sort of high pressure wind or something near Britain which is blocking cold weather and causing us to have the warm spread up from southern european countries thats what the weather on the news said... but I am also hearing that by the end of October it will be snowing : O however people like to lie.

    just enjooooy it!!!

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