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Why are some horse people so stuck up?

Okay, I'm not saying that every horse person is stuck up. I happen to know quite a few people who are awesome to ask horse questions, others (depending on the question) walk away saying it's obvious. Why do most horsey people come across as stuck-up? In other sports/hobbies they'd be happy to help you with any questions, horse riders tend to either be really helpful (like most of my friends) or just look at you as though you're a moron (like the others...).

What I want to know is why horse riders and owners tend to come across as stuck up, there are a few on Yahoo Answers that I have noticed...

I have examples if you would like

Tanks for reading this, sorry it gets a bit rantish. It just annoys me the way some horsey people treat beginners and other curious people


First of all if you infer I'm writing about you - good for you. Nice to know you're insecure about what people think of you.

Second of all. If my horse (if I'm lucky and get one) had a swollen leg I would immediately call a vet and/or possibly ask the owner of the grazing to either have a look or help.

Third of all. The question: How do I put a saddle on? The reason: I had only been to private lessons and the horse was already tacked up when I arrived. I had just started group lessons and had been told to tack the horse up. I had only untacked the horse before. I wanted to make sure I was putting in the right place and wasn't going to annoy/hurt the horse.

Fourth of all. I would NEVER get a green broke or unbroken horse. I admit it would be cool, but I have a fair approximation of my skills. I would go for an older "bombproof" horse. I know I can canter in an arena and jump 30-40cm, but that's only with my instructor. I wouldn't try on a new horse unless their was suitable supervision

Update 2:

I now tack and untack whatever horse I am riding. Had is generally PAST tense.

Did I say I was asking another lesson student? I was talking to a helper. Another time was when I asked a different question and we were at school sitting together at lunchtime.

Common sense normally says not to go out in the dark and pick up horse poo from a steep slippery hill in the rain. If you want to, go and break your neck.

If my instructor asked me to clean tack, help another rider or pick poo from the paddocks I wouldn't mind. I never said every horsey person was stuck up.

Glad to know you know everything about me from a few words.

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    2 possible answers. They're either stuck up, or hate stupid questions. Fair enough someone may not know the answer, but also what I mean by stupid questions is one that's easily answered by google or just common sense.

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    i got to admit i do agree with you on the fact that i too have met a few people from the horse industry who think they are of higher importance to ordinary people. NOT ALL! Just making that clear; there are definetly some really nice people out there.

    I've moved from riding school to riding school because i just couldn't tolerate how the people looked down on me. i know i not the best rider but isn't that the point of these places.... to learn and improve. i definitely believe this is a more judgemental industry and i think it stems from the fact that we are dealing with animals. We form strong emotional bonds with these animals and want the best for each and everyone of them and so i can understand why people get annoyed at children for not knowing/doing something right. Its also an incredibly competitive sport and a popular one if that.

    However i still think people often use their superior knowledge to their advantage and often make a way of showing it. So really i can see both sides.. not much help but yeah..

    Oh and the whole not knowing to tack up thing... from my experience i was taught to trot, canter and jump before i learnt how to tack up. It's not always the persons fault, some riding schools have a strict policy of always tacking up their horses in order to save time and such. Some people just never get the opportunity to experience the real hardship of owning a horse and so of course their going to be naive. People just need to put themselves in other peoples perspectives, understand that not everyone has the privledges you do. Then maybe, this kind of conversation wouldn't come up as often.

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    Horse people MAY come off as "stuck up," but it's not being snotty. Really truly, sometimes there's only one right way to do things. Like Pickled said, there some answers no one wants to hear:

    Call A Vet

    Get A Trainer

    Yet, people keep refusing to do so. 15 year old kids who want to break their wild 5 year old stallion, because they think they've got enough experience after riding lesson horses for 5 years. Cheapskates that want you to diagnose their horse's swollen leg, because they're too cheap to call a vet. People who say, "Hey, I can't control my horse, what's the nastiest bit I can use to cause pain to get control?"

    These people only want to hear what they want to hear. They don't want to be told anything else. And when we very firmly tell them, "Hey, this is a living, feeling animal, do it the right way, don't take shortcuts," we're told we're snobby. We're told we're know-it-alls, close-minded, mean.

    Really, we're just sick of people not doing right by their horses.

  • R.P.D.
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    Why are some horse people so stuck up?

    I'm sorry you've had unpleasant experiences with people that own horses. I would think that some people would be stuck up, unhelpful and rude no matter the circumstance. Let's say they were into cars or some other hobby, that's just the way some people are made. Fortunately most of the people I know that also own horses are friendly, helpful and polite.

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    ROFL!!!! Like we are the ONLY ones in the "Sport" group that are stuck up? Maybe you should go to a few more basketball, football, hockey, ect games. Or go to their practice and try to ask questions. You will get a rude awakening.

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    some people think they are better just because they know something and its really annoying i try to be fair and think about what i would feel in a situation like that because at one point we all asked questions that seemed obvious to other people.

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    ya its all about the money most of the time not a lot of people could afford a horse these days and thats the way those people like it

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    There just stuck up people, them being a horse person really has nothing to do with it, it's kinda just a coincidense. I found that a lot of stuck up people, are rich, and have everything handed to them. Not that all people like that are stuck up though.

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    Because they think that they are better than everyone else and think they know everything there is to know about horses. Also some parents just give their children horses without them having to work for it so that makes them stuck up. I agree with you on how it's annoying.

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    Centaurs are very sure of themselves. I guess that is who you mean by horse-people.

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