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Christians, do you think you (or us in general) are answering the non-believers the way...?

Jesus would have answered them? Was he sweet to the Pharisees??? Thanks for considering this.

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    Being human, I know that I, and most of us, probably don't always answer non-believers in the right way. Sometimes we should be nicer, sometimes we should be harsher.

    If we were truly wise, we would pray, particularly to the Holy Spirit, for guidance. We would also be truly wise in doing this in everyday situations.

  • He was not sweet to the Pharisees but He was to the sinners.

  • 4 years ago

    sure, i'm a proud christian, yet i'm additionally a proud defender against lack of expertise. If somebody asked "Why are atheist so mean" i could be happy to proportion thoughts approximately my superb buddy in intense college. subsequently i could tip my hat to atheist who return the desire

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    No. You need to get your acts together, that's for sure. The way some so called Christians come across is far from what would please your Jesus! He wouldn't want to know most who call themselves Christian.

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    He answered non-believers according to the attitude they showed, so should we.

  • I've had some really nasty hateful emails from non-believers.

  • Ivan
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    9 years ago

    Well, as long as we do not be the reason their refusal to believe, that's okay for me.

  • 9 years ago

    Such rubbish and then "Thanks for considering this." Where the hell do you come from with such blatant sarcasm?

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