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Does he like me and what should I do?please answer?

This guy and I have known each other for 4months basically.We got to know each other through facebook through our mutual friends!Anyway hes always telling me how amazing it is that I play rugby.We get on great he usually always texts me.He text me 2 weeks ago saying how he would like to kiss me next time were out.Due to the fact im single and so is he.

I met up with him in person the first time 2weeks ago.He had asked me to go to one of his rugby matches.So I went and during the whole match he was practically staring at me even my friend noticed this.Then after the match I was talking to a few guys I knew on the opposition team and apparently he was staring over.Anyway I was walking out talking on my phone and I could see he was trying to approach me but kept his head down and walked back to his friends but I called him.He came over but was talking pure nervously and kept his head down and then he went into the changing rooms after 5mins.That was the first time I met him in person.After I left he texted me and told me the try he scored was for me.That he was sorry he had to go changing rooms so fast.

That night he asked me was my school Debs (like a prom).So I asked him did he want to come with me he said yes.But problem is Debs is next FRIDAY.On Monday I asked could we meet up to discuss the debs and he said yeah course sounds cool.So I texted him at 7pm yesterday asking did he want to meet up today?But no reply!I dont know what to do!Like I decided to ring his phone off a private number and he answered his phone!But I hung up!I find it so strange!What should I do?I need to arrange things with him for the debs Friday?

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    he probably likes you....he sounds like he is really nervous, which is cute - but you need to let him know you like him and just..he shouldn't be uncomfortable with you

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    9 years ago

    he's avoiding you?

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