How practical are super bikes?

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I just bought a 2nd hand SUZUKI GSXR 1100. I have to admit that the purchase was hugely clouded by emotions from my side. I just couldn't resist the temptation of owning a superbike!! especially at that price! The bike is very nice to ride and fast(which is what I was looking for!) but upon my first day of riding, I realized that my carburetors were leaking gas and the bike was a little difficult to start and it would sometimes switch off while riding. There's a pipe that is connected to the tank underneath, it also burst and helped the carbs in draining all my gas unto the ground! (talk about a bad start) I think I also damaged the starter cause all it does now is sound the solenoid when I try to start the bike. It is currently parked, waiting to be serviced and this calm period has given me time to think about my latest choices. I'm a "starting out biker" amd this is my 2nd bike, having upgraded from a Honda SDH 125 which was good and reliable but painfully slow! I use a motor bike as my main mode of transport and I'm now wondering how practical are superbikes for everyday use? I'm beginning to worry that I got a bad deal, if this is the case, what are my options?

Thanks in advance for your helpful answers!

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  • 9 years ago
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    As to your first question, super bikes are not practical.

    Super bikes are built for one purpose only.

    Road racing at high speeds. Every other aspect of motorcycling is sacrificed in the name of road racing performance.

    Where can you utilize all the power available from your GSX-R 1100? Not on the street, only on the track.

    Uncomfortable to ride, cramped seating position, no protection from the elements, no room for gear, terrible for two up riding.

    As to the problems with your used bike, it will take some work and maybe lots of money to get straightened out.

    Suggest selling the bike and buying something with hard saddle bags, windshield, and upright seating and handlebar position.

    Good Luck

  • roger
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    9 years ago

    your first mistake was not taking the bike to a shop to begin with to find out BEFORE HAND if it was a good deal or not. The shop would have caught the leaking carbs. You are about to dump even more money into that bike, and you have no idea how far that leaking gas went do you know that when a bike shuts off like that you have some problems? you dont just start back up and keep riding. you take it to the shop. What if the oil is full of gas and you froze the engine? have you checked the oil? smell it, see if it smells like gas or is way overfull with gas. I hope you told the shop to give you an estimate, that frozen starter is likely the motor, and what you are describing was one big frigging mess. not good, ace.

    That thing only half running right is the reason you are alive right now, I have come up behind accidents with overconfident riders on brand new six hundreds, he slammed into the trunk of one stopped car trying to turn left my guess is his eyes blurred from tears and he missed the car. his bike was upright jammed hard in the trunk. he flew over the car and another 20 to 3o feet and landed on the hitch ball with his face I mean smashed right in all the an old man who owned the dually pick up was barfing next to his truck. is that the image you want your family to see?.

  • HHMM
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    9 years ago

    well thats quite the upgrade from a 125 to 1100 seems you may have more machine than you should and mpg will vary from 35 if you're lucky to 10 if you are crazy good luck cause there is a serious learning curve both in tech knowledge and riding skills to be learned

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  • 4 years ago

    a number of those motorcycles could be very uncomfortable as a results of seat . i had one that become in basic terms ok for a pair of 0.5 an hour experience . my important experience is one and a 0.5 hours . you could say i become no longer inspired . regardless of the shown fact that it did factor this reality out interior the study up of the bike interior the bike mag . yet i study it when I have been given the bike . so please study up on the motorcycles you may get or you could result with a gruesomely uncomfortable experience . the leaning interior the bends is effective by how

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