2 questions about The Battle of Sumter- Civil War, please please please help!?

1. Who were the generals of both sides?

2. Why was this battle important?

and it would be really nice if you tell me who won, please and thank you!


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    The Homework category went that-a-way


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    I do not remember the Generals so you have to google that. One thing I do know is that Sumpter was to the Civil War what the battleship Maine was to the Spanish American War; Tonkin to Viet Nam; 911 to Iraq.

    Lincoln allowed it to fall in order to start that war. Confederate forces were trapped in between the Fort and Federal reinforcements and chose to attack the Fort so as not to be pinned. It was a strategic move on the part of the north that allowed the north to possess the moral high ground of having been attacked first, when in fact they had goaded the south into the attack. Then again the southern forces should not have been there to begin with.

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    It's called "Google" and/or "Wikipedia."

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