what should i do about my ps3?

i bought a ps3 last year and it played the games right for months but then it completely shut down on me and i took it back to best buy and they fixed it a couple of days afterwards. now ever since i got it back which was last year i think my games freeze every 3 seconds or so idk why. FIFA 11 plays good for a while but then when you get into it it starts freezing and it pisses me off also Uncharted the cut scenes just looked weird with the picture and voice not matching and the people saying the same words for 10 times. Black Ops plays well but according to my brother and cousin it has froze some times so that leads me to believe all my games will continue to act this way. i had my ps3 in my room but that is where it shut down on me so i moved it to the kitchen for open air breathing. it might be the stove that when cooking may be sticking everything with oil or something so idk i might move it to the living room later when i set up my entertainment system but until then i want to know is it the games? or the system? so that i can have it cleaned. also can the ps3 be defective and should i get a new one instead?

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    9 years ago
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    The freezing problem is quite common and it normally means that the GPU and the CPU is overheating. It can lead to the YLOD or red light.

    Just try and keep it as cool as possible and if you still get errors you will need to send the console in or you can use a good repair guide and fix it from home.

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    9 years ago

    You need to replace the disc drive. You can send it to sony, but it takes about 3-4 weeks to get back, and costs over $100 i believe. Instead, just google video console repair, and you should find some company in your area that will fix it over the span of 2-3 days for about $80. Its the best solution.

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