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what rapper sold the most records in the first week of sales?

ok i know its not jay z he only sold 4 million in the first week with his best record its either 50 cent em or 2pac or snoop


no its not lil wayne he is also fake 50 sold 10-18 million in the first so did pac an em and snoop

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    Terrence obviously has no idea what he his talking about. The Marshall Mathers LP sold 1.76 million in it's first week. And no Jay-z album has ever sold 4 million copies in the first week, Eminem still holds the title for fastest selling rap album. Foolish people.

  • hust
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    4 years ago

    Theres continuously some type of excuse while whack rappers dont even crack gold and blaming the south is only the recent excuse. earlier that, any artist that didnt go platinum became blaming downloading, earlier that it became the label's fault for no longer offering adequate publicity. this is genuine, purely one or 2 rappers a 12 months will go platinum, yet that doesnt advise that the song isnt advertising. With itunes and online public sale web content taking a bulk of the sales, this is purely a depend of time earlier they alter the wide-unfold of platinum to a decrease huge kind.

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    hmm? from what i remember, lil wayne made history by selling more than one million albums in the first week of its release, i believe it was the carter 3? or... x( idk...i forget...but i believe its the album with the a millie song on it, and jay z selling 4 mill in his first week? who the heck has done that? id have to look it up

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